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IQ.desk is fully integrated with Bitrix24 comprehensive CRM technical support system enabling fast and effective handling service requests of your customers. IQ.desk combines sales activities with ongoing service in one system.

With IQdesk you can:

·         Enable your customers to get help using multiple communication channels:

o    Email - Messages sent by your customers to a dedicated e-mail address will be automatically converted into support tickets and will be visible in the IQ.desk application, where they can be easily monitored and processed.

o    Web form - Support form on your website submitted by your customer will automatically turn into a ticket in the IQ.desk service support system

o    Customer portal - Dedicated web portal where your customers can submit and manage their service requests.

Explore IQ.portal > wstawić link do aplikacji IQ.portal w market

·         Specify the key provisions of the service contract and enter the time frame (SLA according to which requests will be accepted and resolved by your consultants. Explore SLA > wstawić link do aplikacji IQ.contract w market

·         Manage all tickets in one centralized page

·         Assign ownership: Each inquiry can be assigned as a ticket to a member of your team. They become the owner of the ticket and will be responsible for its course of action.

·         Collaborate to resolve issues faster. With the in-built discussion pane that enables the people looped in to gather context of the customer issue quickly.

·         Register how much time took the solution of a ticket

·         Workflow automations (can be set up) to carry out actions automatically whenever an incoming ticket meets certain conditions. Use powerful Bitrix24 tools: Automation rules and "Workflows" for automating the work with ticketvprocess.

·         Preview tickets data in CRM

Explore IQ.desk > inoq - IQ.desk

We can adjust IQdesk and Bitrix24 to Your requirements. Please contact us

Before starting the installation of IQdesk you need to do:

1.      Create a service pipeline directly in Bitrix24 CRM, where all your tickets will be stored.

2.     At the first stage of the service pipiline, configure the automation that creates the task related to the ticket

Please refer to our step by step guide link

Plans prices per month

1 user – 8 EUR

Up to 3 users – 24 EUR

Up to 5 users – 40 EUR

Up to 10 users – 75 EUR

Up to 25 users – 175 EUR

UP to 50 users – 300 EUR

Annual subscription discount -20%

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Refreshing the ticket
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IQdesk is the email and webform ticketing system, created for customer service teams in mind, enabling seamless collaboration and the delivery of effective and prompt support to your customers.