Customer support application

Customer support application
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A complete email support application that turns your Bitrix24 into a full support ticket system. This plugin makes it possible to set up an email box as your support email. Tickets are generated into tasks and are using the CRM contact information to set responsible person and connect information. This customer support application has a 100% free version. We also have a premium version available that costs $69,99 per month. This application supports unlimited agents.

How does this application works?

In the tab "Email Inbox" you need to set up your receiving email address and credentials. This email address is used to collect help requests fr om your clients. Anybody can email to this email address to start a ticket. The premium versions has an option to lim it this use to the approved email addresses or to ignore certain emails (spam). This customer support application will check the inbox and process each email and start a new task. An existing comment on a ticket will be added on the existing task. Comments on a task, made by your staff, will be sent to the client via email as ticket updates. An upd ate sent via this module has options for your client to set the task priority, to reply to the ticket, to close the ticket, or to request an overview of all open tickets.

The customer support application generates tasks in a workgroup preset by you. In case the client’s email address already exist in your Bitrix24 CRM the ticket is connected to the CRM Contact. We also automatically se t the responsible user for that CRM Contact as the responsible user for that support request. All support requests of the same company are connected to a CRM Company, based on the email domain.

Before you can use this application you are required to define what email addresses are to be used for processing the support requests from your clients. If you need help with the setup, we have a free built-in instant chat support for all your questions.

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A complete email support application that turns your Bitrix24 into a full support ticket system

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Support: We offer free unlimited chat support build in our module. Just install and hit chat!
  • Install the application
  • Add your incoming email box
  • Select workgroup to where the tickets are generated
  • Set up default Task owner
  • Set up Default Responsible Person for Tasks
  • Save