添加新功能和特性到您的 Bitrix24 帐户。从应用商城安装现有的应用程序。

SignaTech provides a hands-on experience of integrating with the ClickSign digital signature system.
With it you can:
- Send documents;
- Add Signatories linked to your Bitrix (Contacts/Companies) or new;
- Monitor the details of the documents to be signed linked to each deal.

You'll get a 15-day free trial and after that 2 options:

- 30 days for only R$ 149,90
- 365 days for only R$ 1499,90

Our app currently integrates with two platforms, namely:

版本 1
Easy and convenient integration with the ClickSign digital signature system

To install it, just follow the steps mentioned in the "Help" menu on the app's main page.

To set up ClickSign, first have a clicksign account with a plan that gives you access to the API. Then log in to Signatech and put the credentials that can be accessed in the clicksign settings.

To set up DocuSign, you must first have an account in the Docusign development environment. After that, create a new app and enter its credentials in the Signatech Settings, as shown in the "Help" menu. Click on the Authorize button in the settings and then Do the GO LIVE process, just by clicking on the item. After that, follow the instructions as per the "Help" menu.