添加新功能和特性到您的 Bitrix24 帐户。从应用商城安装现有的应用程序。


PRO.SMS allows you to send SMS from Bitrix24 through Bulkgate, one of the SMS providers with one of the most competitive rates on the market.

PRO.SMS is very easy to install, configure and use, and what's more, it's totally free. You only pay for the SMS you send. (IMPORTANT: in order to use the app you must have a Bulkgate account).

Start using PRO.SMS to:

  • Improve your company's communication with your audience (customers, suppliers, collaborators, etc.) by incorporating SMS messages as a communication channel.

  • Send documents, links, messages, invitations, reminders, alerts and notifications, manually or automatically, with the necessary information, at the right time.

  • Launch and manage SMS marketing campaigns.

  • Increase your conversions.

  • Sell using SMS messages

Our module allows you:

  • Send SMS to any country in the world and in any language.

  • Send long SMS.

  • Sel ect which encoding to use (Standard / GSM-7 or Unicode).

  • When the message is very long, the automatic partitioning of the message into several SMS (depending on the selected encoding).

  • Personalize the sender of the SMS.

  • Customize the content of the SMS using Bitrix24's own features.

  • Send individual SMS, manually or automatically, fr om the different CRM entities (contacts, companies, leads, deals, etc.).

  • Mass SMS sending.

  • Send SMS automatically by using triggers, CRM automation rules and workflows.

  • Register the SMS sent in the history of the CRM entity from which they were sent.

  • Launch marketing campaigns by sending SMS.

  • Sales Center: SMS-enabled sales.

PRO.SMS is currently available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

版本 2


  • You can choose which type of encryption to use in SMS: Standard (GSM-7) or Unicode. Depending on the option chosen, the set of characters available and the maximum length of the SMS will vary.

  • You can prove that the module has been configured and is working correctly by sending SMS to a number of your choice.

  • The module, apart from in Spanish and English, is now also available in French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

版本 1
Integrate Bitrix24 CRM with BulkGate and get SMS as a new channel for communication with your customers.

  1. Create your account at Bulkgate:

  2. Get your API ID and Token:

  3. Install PRO.SMS module at your Bitrix24 account

  4. Fill the API information at PRO.SMS modul

  5. Use your own name as Sender

That’s all! Now you can select PRO.SMS to use Bulgate as your SMS provider.