CallGear: calltracking and VPBX

添加新功能和特性到您的 Bitrix24 帐户。从应用商城安装现有的应用程序。

CallGear: calltracking and VPBX
CallGear Inc.
CallGear + Bitrix24 is a CRM integration, combining end-to-end advertising analytics with integrated CallGear communication channels and virtual PBX. Create a single workspace for your call center, sales department, and marketing & analytics department. It provides the following features for the sales department and call center: clicks to call, information about the caller and their interests, automatic creation of Leads and Tasks from initial requests, transfer to a personal manager, history and context of previous requests, and call listening. It provides the following features for the marketing department: end-to-end analytics from each advertising source, ads, keywords to transactions through calls, chats, inquiries, and targets.

Service rates

版本 4
Due to the Bitrix24 update, from now and on our application requires the extended rights to "Users (basic)".

版本 3
Bug fixes for the boxed version

版本 2
Creating robots for auto calls and embedding additional fields

版本 1
Before answering the phone, see if it's a new or existing customer who is calling, who is responsible for the contact, and which company the call is coming from. Leads and Tasks will be created automatically, and some of the fields will already be filled in. Outbound calls can be made by clicking so you won't waste time re-dialing.


  • Pop-up contact card when you call an employee.
  • Outbound clicks to call from the number in your Bitrix24 personal account.
  • Listen to recorded conversations in your Bitrix24 account.
  • Save the entire history of communication with a client in their card.
  • Automatically connect the client with their personal manager.
  • Notify the responsible employee in their Bitrix24 personal account about a lost call from a client.
  • Automatic creation of Leads and Tasks for an initial request for a successful or lost inbound call.
  • Automatic creation of Leads and Tasks for an initial call for a successful or lost outbound call.
  • Automatic creation of Tasks for a successful or lost call for a secondary request.
  • Filling in UTM tags on the Lead, Company, and Contact cards.
  • Filling in Lead, Contact, Company, and Transaction cards with additional information from CallGear.
  • Reports on all calls in your Bitrix24 personal account

Feel free to contact the CallGear support service at 1(323)723-3310.
Two-Step Integration:
1. Click 'Install' on this page.
2. Log into your CallGear account, go to Account - Integration - Bitrix24 and click 'Activate.'
Learn more about installation in the CallGear help center.