BeUp Inpost

添加新功能和特性到您的 Bitrix24 帐户。从应用商城安装现有的应用程序。

BeUp Inpost
BeUp Soft
Thanks to this application, you can easily send parcels to companies and parcels to customers using the InPost system of parcel and parcel machines.
- At each deal, you can send one package or parcel to a given customer- Built-in map with locations and details, including photos of parcel lockers and parcel-points in a given location, throughout Poland
- Choose the size of the package

- Automatically add the address data of the customer who is entered as a contact in a deal

- Provide the address of a company, not only the data of a personal contact.- Track the parcel by InPost Identification Number
- Download and print a courier label to be placed on the shipment with the printed addresses of the shipper and the recipient.
- Application can be displayed in English and Polish translation.
- Use the sender's location in order to find the nearest parcel locker or parcel-point faster and more accurately.

- Alternatively, you can enter a city, thanks to which a list of all parcel machines and parcel-points in a given city will be displayed.

First 14 days free of charge, later 500PLN net a year

版本 1
Application sends Your parcel directly from Bitrix24 deal interface. Sel ect customer/company address, pick fr om an interactive map Parcel locker, select size and thats it. You parcel is already inside InPost portal.

In case of any problems with automatic installation, please contact us on
Please, first check the installation video

Please first check the installation video
Steps to follow:
  1. Click „Install”

  2. Register in the BeUp Soft service by entering your e-mail, Bitrix24 domain name, set a password

  3. Log in to BeUp Soft by entering the e-mail and password fr om the previous step

  4. Done! The BeUp InPost app has been installed on your Bitrix24.

  5. Post - installation configuration, Follow the instructions that appear in the BeUpInPost app

  • Register in the BeUpSoft Serice by entering your email address and Bitrix24 domain.
  • Log in to BeUpSoft using your login and password
  • In this window you can see what applications you have in BeUp Soft admin panel.
  1. Close this window.

  2. Navigate to CRM -> Deals and sel ect pipeline wh ere you want to use BeUp InPost App

  • Create a new deal and open it. The "InPost" application should appear on the top bar.
  • If you do not see BeUp InPost, select "More" and select "BeUp InPost" fr om the menu
  • After installation of the beUpInpost application in your Bitrix24, new fields have been created for Deals.
We suggest to create a new section in the deal view and pull out all fields with the information you need about the shipment.
The List of fields:

[ BEUP_INPOST_NAME ] addressee's name
[ BEUP_INPOST_SURNAME ] addressee's surname
[ BEUP_INPOST_EMAIL ] addressee's email
[ BEUP_INPOST_PHONE ] addressee's phone
[ BEUP_INPOST_PACKAGE_TRUCK_ID ] package truck id
[ BEUP_INPOST_LABEL ] a label will be downloaded here

WARNING! Please never delete or change any of these fields.