Recurring billing (AssetPayments)

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Recurring billing (AssetPayments)
  • Do you regularly accept payments from regular customers?
  • Do you send invoices for the same amount from month to month?
  • Having trouble keeping up with the payment schedule?
The AssetPayments application will help you set up automatic debiting of funds from the buyer's card, or sending an invoice for payment by e-mail according to a specified schedule. Your client only needs to agree to the subscription terms and link a bank card for payment, then just be sure that the balance is sufficient at the time of payment.

Version 1.0 features:
  • Create a subscription from the contact menu
  • Automatic debiting from the card without client confirmation
  • Generating and sending invoices by email
  • Flexible withdrawal schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually
In case of successful payment
  • Creation of a Lead at any stage and with an indication of the person in charge
  • Creation of a Deal in any direction, stage and with an indication of the responsible person
  • Notification of the responsible person about the received payment
  • Creating an offer in the Lead menu and an account in the Deals menu
In case of unsuccessful payment
  • Payment error notification and how to solve the problem
  • Automatic transfer of a failed attempt to the next day
  • The ability to make a payment manually

版本 1
Do you regularly accept payments from your customers? You can train your memory, or you can entrust payments to the AssetPayments application, set up a payment schedule, or send invoices automatically.

Support department:

Skype: live:office_84608
The AssetPayments application is ready to use right after installation and does not require additional registration to work in demo mode.

The AssetPayments' testing account allows you to check the app functionality without necessity to do live transactions.
You should contact the AssetPayments support department if you are ready to switch in working mode and require personal payment credentials.