CRM Drive Integration

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CRM Drive Integration
Go Digital Software GmbH

CRM Drive Integration App

Bitrix24 doesn't provide a standard connection between Bitrix24 CRM and Bitrix24 Drive Feature. The standard documents management in Bitrix24 CRM functions works only through CRM custom fields.

With our Bitrix24 CRM Drive Integration App you automatically connect your CRM entities (Leads, Deals, Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Contacts, Companies) to Bitrix24 Drive and create for each CRM entry an own Bitrix24 Drive Folder. So you can manage documents directly in Bitrix24 Drive.

When you open the CRM Entry you can see a new field for the linked Bitrix24 Drive Folder. After clicking the Open button the linked Drive Folder will be open into a Popup-Window from CRM Entity.

Free trial period for our App is 30 days. When the trial period is over, the CRM Drive Integration App costs EUR 240 annually without limitation on the number of folders created and CRM entities connected to Bitrix24 Drive.

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版本 1
Our Bitrix24 Application connects your Bitrix24 CRM with the Bitrix24 Drive, because so you can store all documents/files from your CRM Leads, Deals, Quotes, Invoices, Contacts, Companies into the Bitrix24 Drive.

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10.00 am - 7.00 pm (GMT+3)

Response time – 24 hours.

Perform standard app installation at Bitrix24 Market

When the app is installed, you will see the settings and can manage the Bitrix24 Drive Folder placement. You can activate or deactivate the Bitrix24 Drive Folder for CRM Lead, Deal, Invoice, Quote, Conntact or Company.

Connect a CRM Deal with the Bitrix24 Drive

Important: connection to the Bitrix24 Drive will be activated only if the Deal fields Contact and Company are filled in. To connect a CRM Deal with the Bitrix24 Drive add 2 new section to the Deal form. In one of the sections select Drive Folder ID field and in the other section select Drive Folder Link field.

When the Drive Folder ID and Drive Folder Link fields are selected and the Company and Contact fields are not empty, the Create button is active and the connection between the CRM Deal and the Bitrix24 Drive can be established.

Click on the Create button in the field Drive Folder Link just once to establish the connection between the CRM Deal and the Bitrix24 Drive.

Next you will see the link in the lower part of the screen and a new comment in the Deal - this means the connection between the CRM Deal and the Bitrix24 Drive has been established. Now you will see the Open button which means you can immediately open the connected Bitrix24 Drive folder.

Open the connected Bitrix24 Drive folder  

To open the connected Bitrix24 Drive folder click on the Open button.

The connected Bitrix24 Drive folder will open:

Now you can add any files to the CRM Deal.

Add, create and manage multiple files of any type

The app automatically creates a section with the correct hierarchy of sections and makes it possible to get to the necessary files in one click, which saves time and effort. Add any number of files of the required format to your CRM Deal.