Bitrix24 Market
The application integrates WhatsApp and Instagram into your Bitrix24.

You will be able to automatically distribute new customers among employees, see the entire history of communication in the customer card and write to the customer in WhatsApp first.

If necessary, you can add several WhatsApp and Instagram accounts and share employee access to each channel separately.

We have been working since the beginning of 2018, we are the top 1 by the number of installations in Bitrix24 in the category “instant messengers”. Only in Wazzup there is a function to reply to a message (quoting) and the status of messages (delivered-read).

Main functions:
  • all conversations in leads / contacts cards and deals
  • opportunity to write first in WhatsApp
  • support all kinds of media content
  • the ability to fine-tune access and distribution of new hits
  • anti duplicates - auto join to existing contacts
  • support for direct messages and comments on Instagram
  • the ability to connect to the open lines of all channels
  • automatic sending of messages to WhatsApp via business processes
  • addition of the interface: a convenient window for conversation

版本 3

  • Added ability to connect to Open Channels
  • Added the ability to integrate Instagram (direct and comments)
  • Added the ability to automatically send messages through business processes
  • Added new settings
  • Added global chat with all conversations

版本 2
The application allows you to receive and send messages to your customers via WhatsApp directly from Bitrix24 CRM details page.

In the second version of the app, we added additional integration tweaks in the settings.
Description of settings can be found at our website-help.

版本 1
Version 1

You can write to the mail support@wazzup24.com
or in the Telegram: https://tele.click/Wazzup_support_bot
or in WhatsApp: +7 (985) 625-61-13 (it does not make sense to call, write)
website with information: https://help.wazzup24.com/en/integration-with-bitrix24/

  1. Install this application
  2. Sign up with Wazzup24.com
  3. Add the required WhatsApp and Instagram accounts to Wazzup
  4. Connect Integration between Wazzup and Bitrix24
  5. Done: you have 3 days to test without restrictions.

After the end of the test period, the use of Wazzup is paid, all rates and payment options are described on the help site.