Send Unisender Email Campaigns Directly From Bitrix24

添加新功能和特性到您的 Bitrix24 帐户。从应用商城安装现有的应用程序。

Send Unisender Email Campaigns Directly From Bitrix24

Unisender — one of the most advanced distribution services, allowing distribution from the comfort of Bitrix24.

Comes with immediate support both in the Cloud and SELF-HOSTED VERSIONS

PINALL team's integrated solution can do the following:

=> Do segmentation of the Bitrix24 database contacts into main and custom fields, and launch saved distribution lists (mainly Deal, Contact, Company, Lead, and Staff lists);

=> Create letters to clients or contacts groups from Bitrix24 in HTML using the block visual editor Unisender;

=> Send letters to your colleagues through Bitrix24;

=> Use normal business processes to launch automatic distribution to Lead, Contact, Company, and Deal entities. For example, when, depending on the Lead's status, one or another letter is sent using different Unisender templates.

The scenario of using integration under business processes in Bitrix24 works on the basis of an in-app purchase of technical support for integration to support the integration performance
=> Receive notifications on Deals, Contacts, Leads and Companies after change the status of your mailing. Now you will know understand what really happens when clients receive your messages;

=> Place First Names, Middle Names, Surnames and titles into the body of your text automatically, with the information being drawn from fields in Bitrix24;

=> Using the deferred mailing feature, you can automatically send out letters on specific times and dates;

=> You can be new mailing out to the same list or change the recipients with the same distribution template.

If you do not have a registration with Unisender, then register using our partner link. After registration, you will receive from us a bonus coupon $30 or $50 to your account in Unisender (conditions here). Please note: the coupon can be used and activated only once for either $30 or $50 via our partners' registration site.

Use the free tariff in Unisender and obtain the opportunity to make mailings to bases of up to 100 contacts.

If you need to send mailings to a larger number of contacts, you can upgrade to the paid package in Unisender.

版本 2
release with bug fixes on our Pinkit platform

Technical support for the solution is carried out through the creation of a topic on our forum.

If you do not have registration on our site, you will need to register.

Integration into Bitrix24 can be done by any user with administrator rights. For this:

  1. In your Bitrix24 in the Applications section, find the applications from PINALL:

  2. Select "Send UniSender Email Campaigns Directly Fr om Bitrix24" and click "Install".
  3. Users who have registered with UniSender need to enter their API key in the appropriate form field.