Bizimhesap to CRM

添加新功能和特性到您的 Bitrix24 帐户。从应用商城安装现有的应用程序。

Bizimhesap to CRM
Our Bizim accounting software for invoice creation integration.

What operations does our account do:
It transfers the invoice you created in Bitrix24 to the Bizim Account accounting program.
  • Creates and updates invoices.
  • Automatically opens the current card or processes it to the matching current card.
  • Automatically opens the product card or processes it on the matching product card.
There are 2 packages.

1.) Demo 1 month

2.) Pro pack - 1 YEAR / 160USD

There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

For more enquiries and to purchase the module, please install the app.

版本 1
Bizimhesap accounting software invoice creation integration

If you need assistance please contact us :
It is sufficient to define the API token you have generated from our account accounting program. (

To see processed invoices:
1) Login to
2) Click on the Sales (Satışlar) menu.
The program does the rest automatically.