添加新功能和特性到您的 Bitrix24 帐户。从应用商城安装现有的应用程序。

It has never been easier to sell your products.

The integration between Moloni and Bitrix24 has everything to streamline your sales, by automating the billing process between your online store and the invoice software.

To start using our plugin you must access here and get our plugin.
We got 2 options:
  • 7 days trial
  • 1 year for 369€

版本 3
New Visual

版本 2
- Now you can also use multiple moloni licenses

版本 1
It has never been easier to sell your products.

Contact ERP24 in bitrix partners section
Or email us at:
  • To get your ClientId and your ClientSecret you must access your Moloni account (Login Here) then navigate to "Account & Profile" - > "API Setup and Plugins"
  • Then follow moloni tips and at CallBack URI check image example, copy Developer Id and Client Secret to here (we don't use the callback Url but moloni requires it to be filled)

  • Moloni Setting must be set, Maturity Date Name will just be used when Invoice type is set to "Use Invoice and Receipt apart" option. If you upd ate the customer Id you must pick all moloni settings again.
  • The required Bitrix24 fields VAT, email, billing address, country, city will be created when you press save for all person types. If you create a new person type you must come here and save again.
  • For the system to work, currencies must be set (CRM -> Settings -> Currencies) and their Symbolic code must be valid.
  • For the system to work, countries also need to be created (CRM -> Settings -> Locations) and their Symbolic code also must be valid (PT, ES) and se t as Type Country.
  • Older order will fail to create invoices, unless you update the required fields. In the store user will have those fields as required on checkout form.
  • This next step only is needed if you got any commercial tariffs. Create an webhook to create invoices with moloni without needing to do it yourself in our plugin page, to do so you will need to go.

If you are using "Use Invoice/Receipt"

If you are using "Use Invoice and Receipt apart"