MAPS MOBILE Sp. z o.o.

Plan meetings with clients based on their geographical location or plan courier deliveries.

Application Functionality:

  • Display Leads, Deals, Companies directly on the map
  • Route planning with visiting multiple points
  • Start Point Definition (Company Address, Your address, Certain address)
  • Creating tasks with a list of locations directly from application
  • Route Printing
  • Works directly from the Deal Profile Card
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Application can be used in English, Polish and Russian language.

BONUS when buying an app license key: Installation of the application to your portal and its configuring are free!

This app is a flexible solution that can be used both in its standard functionality and by adapting it to your business purposes.

We offer our application optimization services in terms of the requirements, goals and tasks of your company. Among possible changes and remakes:
  • Setting fields and adding data fields;
  • Creating the necessary stages or business process that works on the base of the application;
  • Language and country (geographical) adaptation;
  • Integration with other systems;
  • Customizing application design;
  • Any changes in the application logic and much more.

Trial period 14 days.
Cost per year $480 (NETTO) - Buy license key

版本 1
Plan meetings with clients based on their geographical location or plan courier deliveries. (Building Routes)


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Telephone number: +48226022810 / +12029607167

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Instructions for installing and configuring the application (ENG, PL, RU)


Install the app from Bitrix24.Market.


1. Go to the application settings and specify the address of your Bitrix24 portal

2. Write the address of your company in a special field in a format understandable for the navigator (street, house, city, country (optional)).
This address will be used while choosing a company as a start point (beginning of a route).

3. Specify the Google Maps API Token. A detailed instruction how to get it is here

Watch video how to add Google Maps API Token

4. Next, you must specify the fields that are used in your CRM to indicate the address of entities. For example, if managers use and always write down the client’s address in the standard details field (requisites), simply select it. The address specified in the requisites will be used to determine the location of the client.

If you use non-standard custom fields (for example, your address is made up of separate fields “Street”, “Home”, “Region”), click “Select Fields”, specify the entity (Lead, Deal, Contact, Company) that you want to configure, and choose the fields with information about the address of the entity. Customize the selection of fields for each entity.

IMPORTANT: Changing the selected fields later without reinstalling the application is IMPOSSIBLE. Be careful while choosing fields.

5. Done! Now you can start building a route. You can do this both through a specific Deal, and through the “Applications”menu  of your portal

Watch video how it works