Project Management

Project Management
Effective implementation of projects is the basis for the successful development of any business. The phrase “movement is life” is also relevant for the business sector, therefore, setting goals and monitoring their implementation become an integral part of the progress of a company of any scale. So if you keep up with the times, our "Project Management" application is exactly what you need. Now everything that refers to the implementation of your projects, can be seen clearly - from the current situation to the financial metrics.

Who will this application be especially useful for?
  • managers and business owners who aim to always be aware of the activities of their company and see the real situation;
  • management, responsible for the projects' implementation.
What can the application do?
  • Add tasks to the project. Any big deal is a chain of small goals that need to be able to be set and be controlled correctly.
  • Plan a budget. The costs of the project become transparent and understandable - without any unexpected surprises.
  • Provide up-to-date information on the current implementation of the project plan - it helps to control the deadlines and timely make the necessary adjustments to the work.
  • Automatically calculate costs based on the tasks set - which significantly reduces the time for calculations and makes them as accurate as possible.
  • Automatically calculate revenues based on the financial income - to track the project profitability in real time.
  • Individually adjust the time record of each employee - in order to properly delegate tasks and find the best ways to solve them.
Why do you need our application?
  • suitable for business of any direction and scale;
  • relevant for projects of any complexity;
  • has a simple and intuitive interface, the development of which does not require much experience and time expenditures;
  • display information in a convenient, logical manner.
"Project Management" is an application created to make your business profitable and efficient. Use this modern solution for companies aiming at continuous development with the help of actual software solutions.


Why FREE is not FREE?
Unfortunately, due to legal complexities of the Russian legislation at the moment Bitrix24 is unable to implement direct billing between Russian authors of applications and end-customers outside of Russia. That's why we accept payments ourselves, and send our customers coupons for installation or renewal of applications. At the moment it is the official way allowed by Bitrix24. The current price is here.

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"Project Management" is an application created to make your business profitable and efficient.

Technical support address:

Working hours:
10.00 am - 7.00 pm Moscow time.
Response time – 48 hours.
Days off: Saturday and Sunday.
Standard installation of the application.

Application customization.
After installing the solution, go to the "Employees" page for a broad picture of costs. On this page, you must fill in the information for each employee whose time will be taken into account in the tasks of the projects. Each employee must have following fields completed:
  • Time for calculating the tasks' cost;
  • Period;
  • Payment for each work hour.
After filling in the supporting information, let's move on to the creating projects by clicking on the "Add project" button on the "Projects" page. Projects in the application can be associated with the projects of your portal, if you select its value in the "Select a project" field on the project page. Click on the magnifying glass icon near the title "Tasks". For convenience, the portal tasks are already filtered by the previously selected project, but if necessary, you can change the filtering parameters. You can select all the tasks shown, or select tasks by clicking on the checkbox next to the necessary tasks. After the tasks are selected, you need to click on the "Apply" button to add tasks to the project.

When tasks are added to projects, we can add additional expenses manually. If the expenses are actual, they must be transferred fr om the planned ones.

Let's turn to income. Revenues can be added manually, as well as expenses, or we can select accounts by clicking on a magnifying glass near the title. Filtering is available for convenience.