ChatApp for WhatsApp & Telegram

ChatApp for WhatsApp & Telegram communication
Corporate channel via WhatsApp and personal Telegram using Bitrix24.
A single WhatsApp and Telegram channel for all employees.

  • Write first from the contact card, deal, lead, company in WhatsApp and Telegram by the client's phone number;
  • Automate communications through automation rules and workflow designer;
  • Control the correspondence of managers. The history of dialogs is tied to each contact and deal;
  • Communicate in groups and channels from CRM;
  • Synchronization with your phone. Correspondence made from the phone is reflected in the CRM;
  • Mailing in messengers by segment. Mass mailing without blocking to your contact database via WhatsApp. Start your mailing using CRM marketing segments;
  • Connect multiple WhatsApp and Telegram numbers;
  • Web chat integration in CRM;
  • Web chat without CRM;
  • Mobile app - ChatApp Business.
* Personal Telegram - a person's account with a first and last name, contact information and the ability to start a dialogue first (not a bot)

Cost and Tariff

版本 7
Robots for personal Telegram
WhatsApp Business API

版本 6
Synchronization of personal Telegram with Bitrix24

版本 5
Performance, fault tolerance

版本 4
SMS provider for mass sending of WhatsApp messages to your clients.
WhatsApp groups in Bitrix24 Open Channels.